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About Us

ownerbag1We all love our dogs and hold them dear to our hearts, build special relationships with them and would do anything for them. Yet there are certain aspects of owning a dog that can be unpleasant or difficult. And no one likes cleaning up after their pet, which can sometimes be a struggle! Anyone with a dog has experienced picking up waste in every environment, such as around apartment buildings, neighborhoods, parks and unfortunately in some cases, inside your home. As with us, upset tummies can lead to a messy aftermath. While this topic may not be the most appealing, the reality is that waste can sometimes be difficult to pick up and throw away. That is why I created the Dog Loop. This product makes clean up a breeze, no matter the circumstances. In addition to easy clean up the Dog Loop is designed to use plastic grocery bags. No more special poop bags needed which saves you money and helps create less waste for the environment. We hope that the Dog Loop makes the time and experience you have with your dog better for you both!